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I Can't Write Left-Handed


Bill Withers

жанры: soul
альбомы: Lovely Day: The Best Of Bill Withers, The Essential Bill Withers, Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 920 просмотров
I can't write left-handed
Would you please write a letter, write a letter to my mother?
Tell her to tell, tell her to tell, tell her to tell the family lawyer
Trying to get, trying to get a deferment for my younger brotherTell the Reverend Harris to pray for me, Lord, Lord, Lord
I ain't gonna live, I don't believe I'm going to live to get much older
Strange little man over here in Vietnam I ain't, I ain't never seen
Bless his heart ain't never done nothing to, he done shot me in my shoulderBoot camp we had classes
You know we talked about fighting, fighting everyday
And looking through rosy, rosy colored glasses
I must admit it seemed exciting anywayOh, but something that day overlooked to tell me, Lord
Bullets look better, I must say
Brother when they ain't coming at you
But going out the other way
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Это интересно:Уильям Гаррисон, он же Билл Уизерс-младший (род. 4 июля 1938) афро-американский исполнитель и автор песен 70-х – начала 80-х годов 20 века. Наиболее известны его песни "Lean On Me", " Ain't No Sunshine", "Use Me", "Just The Two Of Us", "Lovely Day" и "Grandma's Hands". Билл был младшим ребенком в семье из шести детей. Он рос близ местечка Бекли, Западная Вирджиния. Мальчику было тринадцать лет, когда... продолжение
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